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Netflix revealed a ton of other cartoon information today, and 100% of it was video game related. The Castlevania anime spinoff has been confirmed to focus on a different Belmont (Richter, the son of Trevor and Sypha) and take place during the French Revolution. A CGI Splinter Cell series is in the works, written by Derek Kolstad (creator of John Wick) — it’s the closest thing to a new Splinter Cell in years. There will also be Captain Laserhawk, a six-part anime set in the Far Cry world.

Oh, You Beautiful Doll (10/24/29) – A cat is trying to tidy up a music store, with no help from a nervy mouse. A female customer comes in, and the cat sees opportunity for “Business – Monkey Business”. He gets flirtatious with her to the title tune, while the mouse is throwing things at his noggin. Billy Murray recites the alter call, encourging the audience to sing along, but does not join in the singing. The first chorus is presented entirely instrumentally, then there are the usual second chorus gags, as well as an ending gag involving a large Swiss cheese, which does not last long as a horde of mice go after it. The title song is from 1912, recorded by Billy Murray and the American Quartet on Victor and Edison. In the 1940’s the tune was adapted by Chuck Foster’s Orchestra as his theme song, likely appearing only on airchecks and transcriptions. In 1958, the tune was rocked up by “Ivan” (really Jerry Ivan Allison), a back-up guitarist from Buddy Holly’s group (with Buddy also playing guitar on the record).

Health Feud (Film Roman, Garfield and Friends, 9/27/89) – Garfield slowly awakens one morning, seating himself at the breakfast table in anticipation of his owner providing him with a hearty breakfast. Instead, he finds the plates bare, and Jon occasionally passing through the kirchen at full run in a jogging suit. Garfield tries to get Jon’s attention. “Flapjack shortage. Serious lack of pancakes here. Attention, Mission Control…” Realizing things will be “self-service” today, Garfield opens the refrigerator door, and stares inside in horror. “The refrigerator’s empty – and I didn’t empty it!” The cause is a new TV exercise show host, Rick Deltoid, who’s got Jon working out and throwing away all his fattening foods. Jon asks Garfield to join him in exercising in front of the set. “Not for all the lasagna in Italy”, reacts Garfield. On the program, the show host invites the viewers to work out at Rick Deltoid’s House of Sweat. Jon drags Garfield along, insisting that the cat also get in shape. Garfield insists he already is – “Round is a shape.”

Here is the credits cel for My Favorite Duck – mis-matched with the original background art from the titles of Baseball Bugs

Back at the office, The four Thunderbean folks that work there have been owning that space. Dave and Becky are handling all of the Amazon orders and special discs that are all finished. Becca has been diligently handling the dubbing and combining of all the pre-order things about to ship, including dubbing everything as soon as the masters are delivered to her. She’s set up all the envelopes ready for those dubs, organized by groups of things going out in three different shipments. I’ve promised not to touch them and mess up her organization. That’s ok since I really need to get these special sets done. As the plate is getting cleared of these projects, I’ll be ready for the Flip the Frog finishing storm that’s about to land (or, honestly, already has started)

The other parody was the notorious Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs (1943) that was a modern parody retelling of the Disney version of the timeless classic of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but with black caricatures.

The title cel was probably filmed over the same background used below for the credits. Note the credit for the “Vitaphone Symphony Orchestra”!Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Sets

Custom Cartoons Oven Mitts Cheap
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