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In addition, the first season will begin rebroadcasting on TBS on July 8 at 25:28 (effectively, July 9 at 1:28 a.m.).

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There's also a handy chart showing how pre-order incentives are divvied up between the $59.99 digital and physical standard editions and the $69.99 Digital Deluxe Edition.

The anime studio Khara posted a notice earlier this month about the unauthorized recording and uploading of footage from Evangelion: 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon A Time (Shin Evangelion Gekijō-ban :||), the "final" Evangelion film which opened in Japan on March 8. The studio added that charges have already being filed in a similar case that occurred in July 2018.

The first game in The [email protected] franchise inspired Sunrise's 2007 loose television anime adaptation, which Sentai Filmworks licensed for North America. The game franchise then spawned A-1 Pictures' more direct adaptation that included a 2011 television anime series, several original video anime, and a 2014 anime film, THE [email protected] MOVIE: Kagayaki no Mukōgawa e!. Crunchyroll streamed A-1 Pictures' television series as it aired in Japan.

The official website for the television anime of the city of Tajimi's promotional manga Yakunara Mug Cup Mo (Let's Make a Mug Too) confirmed on Monday that the series will get a second season titled Yakunara Mug Cup Mo Niban Kamo (Let's Make a Mug Too: Second Kiln) in October on the CBC TV, BS11, TOKYO MX, MBS, and AT-X channels. The main cast and staff are returning for the new season. The website shared a commemorative visual:

The cast includes Minami Tanaka as pottery novice Himeno Toyokawa, Yū Serizawa as Himeno's classmate and the pottery club's mood-maker Mika Kukuri, Yūki Wakai as the anime and game fan Naoko Naruse who spends all her time at the club for some reason, and Rina Honnizumi as the club president Toko Aoki who has enjoyed pottery since she was little. Other cast members include Kaito Ishikawa as Himeno's father Tokishirō Toyokawa, Rin Mizuhara as Himeno's grandmother Sachie Tokikawa, and Mana Ogawa as ceramics club adviser Mami Koizumi.

The adventure game launched for PC via Steam and GOG on April 14. It is available with Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, and Tradtional Chinese text. Musician Ujico* composed the game's soundtrack.Pillow Case
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Sunday, June 6: Game 5: UCLA 12, North Carolina 2 (North Carolina eliminated) Game 6: No. 8 Texas Tech 8, UCLA 2 (UCLA eliminated) No. 8 Texas Tech advances to super regional

"Still, I can’t imagine spending much time playing traditional golf in Super Rush. I have plenty of alternatives I could turn to for that. Mario Golf: Super Rush is the only game that lets me body-check Luigi on the way to notching a birdie on the 18th hole." -- Chris Plante [Full review]

The thing is, though, Savathun can't just come to the Vanguard and say, "Hey, I'd love it if you'd kill this worm thing that makes me do evil." First, would anyone believe her? Second, Savathun's whole existence is built on trickery and misunderstanding. If she stops doing cons, she literally dies. So what does she do instead?

The NCAA had just declared Saturday's game against NC State, which was supposed to be played in 12 hours, a no contest because of COVID-19 protocols. Vanderbilt was going to the CWS finals; NC State was going home.

About PerforceEnterprises across the globe rely on Perforce to build and deliver complex digital products faster and with higher quality. Perforce offers complete project lifecycle management tools to accelerate a project’s delivery cycle by linking the requirements, issues, test plans, source code, binary assets and all artefacts in an integrated platform. The company’s solutions securely manage change across all digital content – source code, art files, video files, images, libraries - while supporting the developer and build tools your teams need to be productive, such as Git, Visual Studio, Jenkins, Adobe, Maya and many others. Perforce is trusted by the world’s most innovative brands, including NVIDIA, Pixar, Scania, Ubisoft, and VMware. The company has offices in Minneapolis, MN, Alameda, CA, Mason, OH, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia, and sales partners around the globe. For more information, please visit www.perforce.com.

In Arcade Paradise, we follow Ashley as she turns her family’s laundromat into a buzzing arcade. All you have to do is follow the three easy steps: play, profit, and purchase. A long-lost VHS tape gives us an introduction to the King Wash Laundromat, and the eventual arcade it will become.

Seattle could be looking to get one of those three college bats to this pick, and they get to choose between Frelick and Cowser, who are a coinflip on talent. If McLain got here, he would also be in the mix.Pillow Case

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Brenda Chapman: Quasimodo was the key to make it family-friendly. Tom Hulce did such a great job making him appealing.Pillow Case

Loki thinks he’s figured out a TVA loophole. He convinces Mobius to take him to 79 AD Pompeii, right before the volcano blows up, to prove it. In one of the funniest scenes of the episode, Loki does everything he can to cause a time variance in Pompeii. It doesn’t move the needle, however, and he proves his theory correct.

So, there is no clear answer to you? I feel some actors I’ve spoken to really like to just know hard answer, even if it is just for them to know. It sounds to me like you kind of revel in the not knowing.

“For 600 years, our clan has brought peace to Japan,” says Andrew Koji’s Storm Shadow. “Along with our allies, the Joes.”

The Simpsons arcade cabinet features a lit marquee, a matching riser to bring the machine closer to the height of a standard arcade cabinet, an exclusive stool, an 18″ x 24″ tin sign, and a clear deck protector. It will also come with a bonus game that has not yet been announced. If it’s not The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants or The Simpsons: Bart’s Nightmare, we riot.

The two don’t land on an answer about what love is, but they do land outside of the train when Loki’s drunken revelries catches the attention of some guests. The guards confront them and — after a lovely fight scene — end up thrown off the train.

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Why are Mr. Nimbus and Rick are foes? We’ll have to wait for the Rick and Morty season 5 premiere at 11:00 P.M. ET on Sunday, June 20 to find out. Don’t forget to celebrate Rick and Morty Day leading up to the premiere!
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Hiroshi Nagahama, director of Uzumaki, made a personal appearance in a new video released this afternoon to apologize for the delay. As he explained, COVID hit the production of this anime especially hard and the entire process had to be restructured. Nagahama says they should be able to get Uzumaki done by October 2022, and to prove it, he showed the first few seconds of the anime in completed form.

As for what’s next for Death Battle, that would be a break of sorts. They’re off until September, but in the gap in between the returning DBX will fill up the void. However, they did tease a shocking entrant for the next fight when it returns.

This is just the latest issue with Record of Ragnarok in the eyes of fans. Because the anime adaptation has taken a lot of liberties with the animation of the show (I.E. Still shots and shifting them around to feign animation) as well as the looks of the characters, which is to say nothing of the story (including stating that Jack The Ripper was “a hero of man”). So we’ll just have to see how this all goes.

Be sure to bring all your family and friends out for this much-anticipated opportunity to see these classic and now-rare cartoons the way they were meant to be seen—projected on ‘reel’ film, and enjoyed with a physical audience!

The Garfield Opera (10/24/92) is a double homage to classic animation, raising memories not only of past Warner operatic classics such as Rabbit of Seville and What’s Opera, Doc, but tossing in a bow to Avery’s King Size Canary. The Buddy Bears provide an introduction in the manner of a cultured operatic telecast from PBS, noting that the episode is set entirely to music so old, they don’t have to pay for it. An entire Garfield scenario is presented in the form of a stage production, set to classic strains from “Dance of the Hours”, with all dialogue in rhyming lyrics. Jon places Garfield on a strict diet, vowing he’ll get nothing to eat until he loses ten pounds. Garfield spies a Mrs. MacPherson passing outside – the chairwoman of a society against cruelty to animals. With the use of a corset, Garfield makes himself appear undernourished and fainting. MacPherson threatens to bring the law down on Jon unless this poor cat is bountifully fed. Now, all the proverbial stops are pulled out, as the cartoon shifts into high gear, and Jon breaks into a rapid-fire production number presenting Garfield with all the food he can possibly want. Jon force-feeds mountainous plates of food into Garfield’s face, sprays cans of whipped cream into his mouth, and pops the girdle wide. Garfield begins growing exponentially with each bite, while Jon shoots sugary frosting into his mouth with a fire hose. Dancing parades of pork chops, pies and cupcakes gallop up Garfield side and into his bottomless mouth, while the cat grows upwards and outwards, past and through the theater rafters and out through the roof. Once ouside, Garfield begins to help himself. He swallows the moon with one gulp. He chugs down high-calorie drinks from the big dipper. He scoops up pawfuls of stars as if they were cereal bits. The opera ends with Garfield in the same position as Avery’s giant cat and mouse – standing alone in the universe atop a tiny planet Earth, and posing in a ballet tiptoe as the curtain comes down. A brilliant lampoon, which left me in stitches as a youth on its first airing.

The songs in Ragtime Cowboy Joe were augmented with additional percussion and remixed for stereo. The new mixes were collected on a CD and sold separately, not by Buena Vista Records, but CEMA Special Products (LK-53914/S21-17333), a division of EMI-Capitol, which controls the original Chipmunk catalog to this day. This fact seems to back up the theory of conflicting ownership rights between the Chipmunk characters, shows and recordings that have kept The Alvin Show a sparkling jewel still too pricey to package.

Once pandemic restrictions allowed the movie to go into production, the team of Jeff Fowler and more went to work in order to bring the second movie to life. And now, on Twitter, Fowler says that production has wrapped! Here’s his post:Pillow Case

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Finally, we get a peek at a conversation that is likely coming in the next episode of Loki after the Gods of Mischief were left stranded on the moon Lamentis-1, which is about to be obliterated by having a planet crash into it. During this chat, Sylvie says, “The universe wants to break free, so it manifests chaos, like me.” That certainly makes it sound like Sylvie wants to bring the multiverse back to life, and based on what’s coming in the future of the MCU, we’re thinking that she’ll succeed.

Introduced in Iron Man, the Ten Rings was presented as a mysterious terrorist organization dedicated to destroying world peace by any means necessary, led by a shadowy figure known as the Mandarin. The history of the Ten Rings is shrouded in mystery, but some believe that the Mandarin inspired generations of men since the Middle Ages, or even further back in time. And this shot of an ancient war flag with the Ten Rings insignia, only with Chinese characters in the rings instead of the Arabic symbols that are seen in the flags that show up in the Iron Man movies, suggests as much.Apron

You understand anything you do. I mean, you can’t be conscious of consciousness. You’ve got to become consciousness, and that’s the name of the game with performing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it to sound touchy-feely, I’m very conscious of what mark has to be accomplished, it’s not like I’m there expecting to get hit by lightning. I’m measuring lots of things but I don’t have a rigid expectation. I’ve tried to see what’s around me and see how I feel about it and see what I’m going to do about it and that’s basically what’s going on in this movie. I mean, there’s a cave up there, I’m down here, I’ve got the dogs, I got to get to that cave, it’s all practical. And then of course, between Abel and I, we figure out the best way to approach that.

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[laughs] That would be interesting. I think the idea, it seemed so rich that Loki would be confronted with himself. Not maybe just in a metaphorical way, but in a physical externalization. I absolutely loved working with Sophia. She had lots of questions for me, and my experience of playing the character, and various things that I had found interesting in the long history that the character has been around in human consciousness. But what was so wonderful is that she authored her own character completely. She had all her own ideas and inhabited it in her own way. Then the joy was putting the two of them together and seeing how they react to each other. Yeah, there’s lots of opportunities in there.

Aardman is one of the pillars of stop-motion animation, a studio that has been chugging along for decades now and is still going strong. But its survival is still kind of miraculous, especially as stop-motion becomes less common in a CG-dominated animation landscape, on top of Aardman’s tendency to take its sweet time between releases.

Halloween Kills picks up almost immediately where the last film left off – on Halloween night. The ending of Halloween had Laurie Strode, her daughter, and her granddaughter seemingly vanquishing Michael Myers and then escaping Laurie’s burning house. When we last saw them they were in the back of a pick-up truck. But of course, Michael survived. And he’s probably pissed about the whole “being set on fire” thing.

But what’s old is always new again, eventually, and it feels as if filmmakers are ready to start going back to the ’90s well. There’s a new Scream movie on the way next year – but before we even get to that, we’ll have Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy. The three films are inspired by the work of R.L. Stine, and the first entry – Fear Street Part 1 – 1994 – is clearly going for a Scream-ish vibe.

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Swifty moves Shorty onto a trampoline, and has Shorty jump higher and higher, then tosses him a set of Indian clubs to catch. Swifty’s aim is impeccably bad, and each club conks Shorty squarely upon the noggin. Shorty decides it’s time to get serious, and asks Swifty to keep tossing up those Indian clubs. With careful maneuvering, Shorty begins to catch the clubs one by one, until the whole set has been tossed up. Now Shorty announces a new exercise, which he calls “dive bomber” – and he dubs Swifty as “the target”. “Now, now, take it easy”, stammers Swifty, as a first Indian club clobbers him right on the dome. Shorty continues to bounce high for altitude, calling out patriotic phrases such as “Remember the Maine”, and “Don’t fire till you see the whites of their eyes”, and hammers Swifty in the head again and again. Swifty finally runs his white athletic shorts up a pole as a flag of truce, calling for a cease fire. Swifty offers unconditional surrender, and to do anything Shorty says. “Anything?”, reacts Shorty, with a devilish grin. The next morning finds Shorty back in his hammock, having a peaceful day. Swifty, however, parades back and forth on the sidewalk wearing a two-panel “sandwich sign” for advertisement. “This is going too far”, mutters Swifty. “Keep walking”, says Shorty. “I could get arrested for treason for this”, Swifty insists. “In a democracy, everybody has a right to be heard, Swifty…even a fat man.” Swifty’s signboards read, “Stamp out fitness – Stamp in fatness.”

The Fantastic Four was a Marvel comic book created by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-plotter Jack Kirby in 1961 and became a huge success prompting their appearance on radio, merchandise and later live action movies.

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Fired by seeing the early animated efforts imported from America, Bergdahl taught himself, and drew his own short film, Trolldrycken (The Magic Brew), in 1912. It was in 1915 that he was able to convince a distributor to take it on.APRON

A surreal gag has Pink working out on a small suspended punching bag. The bag deflates as if only filled with air, leaving it only a few inches in diameter. Pink detaches the useless item of equipment and tosses it on the floor. From nowhere, a hen struts across the gymnasium. Mistaking the tiny sphere for an egg, she sits on the deflated bag as if to hatch it. The bag miraculously grows from the incubation to three times its original size. The chicken clucks proudly at her accomplishment to anyone who will hear her, and sticks a cigar in Pnk’s mouth in the manner of a happy new parent. Pink is also pleased at this development, and rehangs the now oversoze punching bag on the hook. As he is about to level a blow at the bag, a gloved yellow hand bursts forth from the bag, and socks Pink solidly in the jaw and to the floor. Out of the bag “hatches” a giant baby chicken in boxing gloves, who dances around happily as if he has just won a championship bout.

Bob recruited Lou “Zoot” Watson to do the voice of “Prince Chawmin” while Mel Blanc provided all of the other voices in the picture. Band leader Louis Armstrong wanted to do the voice of Prince Chawmin’ but was booked on tour.

It was 2019 when we first heard about Adult Swim’s plans to partner up with Production IG to adapt Junji Ito’s horror manga Uzumaki into a four-part miniseries. Back then, the assumption was that the whole production would be done in a year. Of course, 2020 turned out to be far different from 2021 and the studio was hit with delays…but now, finally, they believe they’re ready to pin a release date on this thing. It’s over a year from now, but it’s something.

So much so that according to the director of Scoob!, Tony Cervone, a sequel is indeed on the way.
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Tamura drew the Beelzebub manga in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2009 to 2014, and drew the four-volume Hungry Marie manga from February to October 2017. Viz Media published the first three chapters in English in its digital Weekly Shonen Jump as part of its "Jump Start" initiative. Beelzebub inspired a television anime series in 2011-2012.

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Tickets are now available to purchase (¥3,500 / US$31.55) for the live stream, which opens at 4:00pm JST on Saturday, July 3 and officially begins at 5:00pm JST. The live stream won't have any English subtitles, but the archived stream will be available starting on July 17 with subs. APRON

Hajime Yatate, the collective pseudonym for the staff of Sunrise, is once again credited for original work. Sakurako Kimino is also credited again for original concept, as in previous Love Live! anime. Takahiko Kyōgoku, the director of the original Love Live! School idol project and subsequent film, returns as director alongside Love Live! School idol project and Love Live! Sunshine!! writer Jukki Hanada. Atsushi Saito (Black Fox) is adapting franchise character designer Yūhei Murota's original character designs. Yoshiaki Fujisawa also returns from the first Love Live! series as composer for the music.

On the DVD side, Mugen Train also topped the daily chart with 218,000 copies sold of the regular edition, once again surpassing Snow Man Asia Tour 2D.2D's first week of sales on the format. The limited-edition DVD version of the film came in second, again with no solid number of copies sold. 

At The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace TV anime MAPPA stage event today, a new trailer for the upcoming adaptation of Coolkyoushinja (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) and Amahara (Interspecies Reviewers) manga series was released, previewing the opening theme song "Seija no Koshin (When the Saint's Go Marching In)" performed by Tatsuya Kitani. More cast members were also revealed for the TV anime series.

The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! is currently being released in English via Square Enix Manga and Books. Here's how they describe the series:

TV Tokyo revealed on Tuesday that the ninth season of the live-action series adaptation of Masayuki Kusumi and Jiro Taniguchi's Kodoku no Gourmet (Solitary Gourmet) manga will premiere on July 9.
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Wood threw one no-hitter during his legendary career, a 5-0 victory over the St. Louis Browns on July 29, 1911. By the time this game had entered its middle innings 70 years later, he and Angell began to realize that Darling had a chance to do the same. By the fifth, Darling had retired every Johnnie batter without a single "H" recorded.

The long awaited reboot of Candyman from director and co-writer Nia DaCosta and co-writer Jordan Peele has resumed its promotional efforts after experiencing COVID-19 related delays--and DaCosta is kicking things off personally with a message on the eve of Juneteenth, featuring some behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the film.

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Angell, Wood, and their companions agreed they had likely seen Yale's last chance. They were right.

During the eighth inning of the game, that family suddenly cleared a path to his seat. They ushered in a grinning man, an 11-year-old girl and a baseball. Roger Sinclair grew up in Omaha attending the College World Series. He moved away several years ago, but always comes back for a few games, especially opening weekend because he likes to take his granddaughter, Kamryn, to the games on Father's Day. They were sitting in the left-field bleachers, almost the exact same spot where the Gelof brothers took their prophetic Father's Day photo in 2014, when the baseball that Logan Michaels blasted in the third inning was coming in hot. It landed on the bench seats, Sinclair scooped it up and handed it to his granddaughter.APRON

Saturday, June 5: Game 3: Oklahoma State 5, Grand Canyon 3 (Grand Canyon eliminated) Game 4: No. 5 Arizona 4, UC Santa Barbara 0

Originally released late last year as part of Nintendo's celebration of 35 years of Mario, this neat little Game & Watch comes with a few games built-in: Super Mario Bros, The Lost Levels, and the classic Game & Watch game Ball (a juggling game). As with all Nintendo bits of hardware, this Game & Watch is well-made and features a slightly modified layout from the original Game & Watch that makes it more reminiscent of an NES controller. We spotted this deal at Amazon recently and it quickly sold out, so don't expect Best Buy's deal on this nostalgia-focused product to stick around for long.

Abbott (9-6) allowed five singles, walked two and struck out 10 as Virginia posted its sixth shutout of the season, and second of the tournament. Dallas (11-2) went 6 1/3 innings and took the loss.
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Roma's new owners will also be looking to make a statement in the summer window, so all signs point towards a busy few months in the Italian capital.MLB

The matchday six group meeting between United and Roma back at Stadio Olimpico in December 2007 was a dead rubber, with both teams already assured of a place in the knockout rounds.United had enjoyed a 100% record in the previous five games of the group stage and went ahead through 20-year-old centre-back Gerard Pique in the first half.Brazilian winger Mancini put Roma back on level terms midway through the second half and that was how it remained.NFL

Juventus will open talks with Sassuolo over Italy midfielder Manuel Locatelli, who could cost £35m and is also wanted by Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd & TottenhamNHL

It seems they are currently offering around €85m, but a middle-ground is close. All parties want the deal to go through, so it could materialise very quickly.

Like it or not, the truth is that there's a player in McTominay. And a good one at that in the modern game. He rarely misses a beat with superb fitness, and his physical attributes are of an immense advantage over many. While there are still pitfalls to his game in general consistencies, there's no reason why those can't be ironed out to fit him into the desired mould.

Even for the most experienced of players that's a lot to deal with, yet to heap all that on the shoulders of an 18-year-old and for him still to come out as one of the best performers on the pitch is quite remarkable.

However, one thing England fans will conveniently overlook when recalling the aforementioned European Championship is how instrumental the competition proved to be for Germany too.NBA

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Brenda Chapman: I left before they landed on how [to play] the gargoyles. My concern was, what are the rules? Are they real? Are they in his imagination? What can they do? Can they do stuff or is it all Quasi? I looked at it a little askance in the finished film. I wasn’t sure if I liked how it ended up…[Laverne] with the boa on the piano.

Fighting Characteristics: No nuance, all muscle. If it’s not a punch that might kill a normal human, Dom ain’t throwin’ it.

Fermented soybeans, mapo tofu, fatty pork ramen. A sex film without sex; three unexpected stories of food and libido, from new school pinku director Kota Yoshida. Official Selection: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021. CANADIAN PREMIERE.

If you’re curious about why Raimi’s version of Spider-Man 4 never happened, we wrote a whole article looking back at what went wrong, and it has some quotes from Raimi explaining why he walked away from the project.Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Sets

Today brings the second episode of Marvel’s Loki to Disney+, and it thrusts us straight into the pursuit of a dangerous time criminal who has been assaulting Time Variant Authority agents and stealing their time-altering gadgets. In addition to putting Tom Hiddleston into full-on time detective mode alongside Owen Wilson as Mobius, the episode also brings Sophia Di Martino into the series as a surprising and mysterious character.

Bottleneck Gallery will put the posters up for sale through their online shop at 12:00 P.M. ET today, June 15.

I remember going to the restroom and noticing one or two of them looking in my direction with what I thought were antagonistic looks. But nothing happened. I went back to my group and after another beer or two, they fall off the radar. Then my buddy is looking past me with big eyes. And a hand comes on my shoulder. I look up and it’s one of these guys. And he says with the sweetest voice, “Excuse me, but are you the Rocketeer?”

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The recipe for the Starfield "Space Sandwich" was put together by Victoria Rosenthal. Rosenthal runs a site called Pixelated Provisions, where she recreates the food players eat in games in real life. She is also the author of multiple cookbooks, including the official Street Fighter, Destiny, and Fallout cookbooks. Suffice to say, when it comes to recreating video game food, Rosenthal knows what she's talking about.

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The Longhorns have won three elimination games since dropping their CWS opener last week against the Bulldogs, and Saturday night the two teams will meet again for a spot in the CWS championship round. Texas coach David Pierce, conducting a late-night postgame news conference via Zoom, was talking to reporters about how he was worried about getting his team's minds back into finishing the game during the rain delay, but then Pierce fell victim to his own fatigue.

Rocker, projected to be a top-10 pick in the Major League Baseball draft next month, gave up three runs in the first inning and was pulled after Ryan Holgate's two-run homer in the sixth put the Wildcats up 5-3.

Just released in May, Amazon's brand-new Echo Buds are seeing their first price drop during Prime Day. Featuring dynamic audio and active noise cancellation, the Echo Buds let you take Alexa on the go and works with other voice assistants as well, like Siri and Google Assistant. Providing five hours of music playback (and up to 15 hours with the charging case), the Echo Buds are lightweight, sweat-resistant, and a nice choice for those who already own other Amazon smart devices, as you can control them through the Alexa app.

That might be a tough pill to swallow considering the Razer Raptor is already aiming to retail for $800, which is higher than other great 1440p picks like the Dell 27DGF21 or LG GL850. It does put it in direct competition with the Samsung G7 Odyssey, which offers a VA panel instead of IPS but also an increased refresh rate of 240Hz and DisplayHDR 600 support, while the Raptor features only Razer's own HDR 400 certification. It's also $100 more than the current Raptor, with only a slightly higher refresh rate and THX-certification to boast about. But if the Razer Raptor ticks all your boxes, it's available for preorder now ahead of its launch in Q3 later this year.Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Sets

In the decisive Game 3 of the championship round on Thursday, the Sooners again turned to Juarez and she delivered, firing a two-hitter to lift No. 1 Oklahoma to a 5-1 victory over Florida State to claim the 2021 national championship. Juarez struck out the first and second batters in the seventh inning, and she caught Devyn Flaherty's popup for the final out. Juarez embraced her catcher, Kinzie Hansen, then her teammates mobbed her as they celebrated the fifth national championship in school history.Editor's PicksAfter a lifetime spent preparing, Jocelyn Alo's moment is here21dTim KeownCollege softball: Oklahoma's record-breaking bats come alive, force WCWS Game 316dElizabeth MerrillFlorida State's scrappiness, aggressiveness put Seminoles on brink of WCWS title17dElizabeth Merrill2 Related

E3 is upon us this weekend, and as such, several developers have taken the opportunity to reveal new, upcoming products and new additions to currently released titles. Ubisoft is no stranger to this, as they’ve revealed various portions of new projects, currently available titles, and upcoming releases.

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"The fans at Carolina are passionate and they love football,'' Peete said. "But it's not the nastiness of a Philadelphia or New York, where it can get extremely personal. So that's going to be a relief for him.''College Teams Hanging Dirty Clothes Bag

It’s been a division dominated by one team the past two seasons. But the Green Bay Packers and their NFC North neighbors all still have plenty to do.DAILY SUPPLIES

“From the time that I got drafted until now,” said Prescott, “this offense is built off of those guys. They’re the three most veteran guys on this team, and that’s for a reason. Those guys are walk-in Pro Bowl guys when they’re healthy, future Hall of Famers.”

Smith and Gary are joined by Preston Smith off the edge in Green Bay and outside linebackers coach Mike Smith said recently that he has “a bunch of tough, mean, nasty dudes” in his room. The trio combined for 21.5 sacks in former defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’s defense last season and new coordinator Joe Barry said that he thinks the whole group is ready to thrive this time around as well.Square Dirty Clothes Pack

The Jets hope to be able to develop Wilson on the fly, but there are sure to be setbacks along the way. When Wilson inevitably faces adversity or goes into a slump, how he bounces back is going to make or break the Jets’ offense in 2021.College Teams Circular Hamper

Nassib argued for the Cleveland defenders to put their money in a bank to collect interest rather than spending it on big-ticket items.

Chubb said recently he’s just letting his agent handle his contract and is not actively engaged in the discussions with the team. But he also said, “Cleveland is where I want to be.”

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In Babylon's Fall players become a group of warriors known as the sentinels, bonded with special equipment called Gideon Coffins, and throw themselves into an odyssey to overcome the titanic Tower of Babylon, within which sleeps a great legacy. The capabilities of different equipment will also bring variation to the strategy that can be employed.

Have an early look at the #MetroidDread Samus and E.M.M.I. #amiibo figures, releasing alongside the game on 10/8! pic.twitter.com/E3FSDgHzaa

Aside from Ravenloft, the majority of D&D campaign, adventure, and source books are on sale. These Amazon Prime Day deals will really help you elevate your game and expand into unknown worlds.

Rachel Zegler will star in Disney's live-action movie of Snow White. As reported by Deadline, Shazam! Fury of the Gods actor Zegler will play the title role in the new version of the legendary fairy tale.

Microsoft officially revealed Windows 11 yesterday after supposed leaks of the OS made their way around the internet last week. Of the changes coming with the latest iteration of Windows, Microsoft also announced a way for app developers to keep a big chunk of their revenue. Unfortunately for game developers, that revenue split won't apply to games.

The first generation of laptops to use Apple's new M1 silicon chip promises up to 18 hours of battery life, an 8-core CPU for faster performance, and an SSD for quick loading. While the M1 is a big upgrade from previous Intel-based MacBooks, the starting price of $1,000 has remained from those older models, and this price shaves another $50 off.Cat Ear Hoodie

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During the TCA winter press tour earlier this year, Key joked that the series has been "one of the greatest acting challenges of my career" as someone who loves musicals but whose character can barely tolerate them--and must remain perplexed by the townspeople around him who are constantly speaking.
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Forza Horizon 5 promises Mexican HDR sky captures, and ray tracing in Forzavista, with 4K 30 FPS on the Xbox Series X (1080p 30 FPS on Xbox Series S) with an optional 60 FPS performance mode.

One administrator noted he hoped his state would push back its start date for NIL legislation to take effect so they wouldn't represent the canary in the coal mine trying to navigate a murky process, and he pointed to the conundrum over international athletes as a perfect example of the potential pitfalls.

Following the release of the 3.1 update, you'll be able to download the following event quests from Senri the Mailman in Kamura Village:Cat Ear Hoodie

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Dec. 10, 2020: Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., introduces federal legislation that would allow for some NIL deals and also create an antitrust exemption that would protect the NCAA from some types of future lawsuits.

"I think this was a big confidence booster," Teare said. "I think the 5K is one of the deepest events this year. Not many guys have the Olympic standard, and having that in my back pocket increases my chances."

Jabra Elite 65t wireless earbuds are on sale for $30 off. These comfortable earbuds are completely wireless and easily connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device. They come with three different sets of tips and charging case that adds an additional 10 hours of battery life between charges (15 hours overall). They have a built-in microphone and voice assistant. You can even customize sound settings through Jabra's equalizer app.

Lemonis had jokingly asked Allen midway through the Bulldogs' game against Texas on Sunday if he planned to help out the team.
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As reported, voice actress Akari Kito (Nezuko Kamado in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) opened her official YouTube channel for her artist activities on June 17. The channel has reached about 50,000 registered subscribers within a week.

If you're still looking for something to tide you over, Crunchyroll started streaming the Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S Short Animation Series shorts back in April, so check those out at the official show page. 

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Annecy revealed on June 20 that even though Japan Sinks 2020 didn't win the Cristal (grand prize) award–that went to Vanille–the Japanese anime won the Jury award for a TV series for the first episode 'The Begining of the End', one of the highest honors in the animation world.

The cast includes Junya Enoki as the young man, Kouki Uchiyama as Nikichi, Yōhei Azakami as Sasuke, Ryohei Kimura as Nozoki Byōbu, and Hisako Kanemoto as Suzuhiko-hime.

Hiroki Shinagawa is credited with concept visuals. Hiroshi Ohno is directing the art, and Ken Hashimoto is the color key artist. Hiroshi Tanaka is the compositing director of photography, and Hiromi Kikuta is the sound director. Harumi Fuuki (Forest of Piano series, Miss Hokusai, Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna) is composing the music.Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Sets

Directed by Kotaro Tamura, Josee, the Tiger and the Fish was nominated for Best Animation at the 75th Mainichi Film Awards and for the 44th Japan Academy Film Prize's Animation of the Year. Check out the subtitled trailer below.

Sister Ivry debuts in the 11th episode of EDENS ZERO, which hits TV in Japan on June 19. 
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"The University of Michigan is actively engaged in a confidential, court-guided mediation process with the survivors of Dr. Anderson's abuse and we remain focused on that process," a university spokesman said in a written statement shared with reporters Wednesday morning. "The WilmerHale investigation team had full access to all available information; they decided what to review and what to consider. Their report made it clear that many survivors required confidentiality as a condition for speaking."

In the decisive Game 3 of the championship round on Thursday, the Sooners again turned to Juarez and she delivered, firing a two-hitter to lift No. 1 Oklahoma to a 5-1 victory over Florida State to claim the 2021 national championship. Juarez struck out the first and second batters in the seventh inning, and she caught Devyn Flaherty's popup for the final out. Juarez embraced her catcher, Kinzie Hansen, then her teammates mobbed her as they celebrated the fifth national championship in school history.Editor's PicksAfter a lifetime spent preparing, Jocelyn Alo's moment is here20dTim KeownCollege softball: Oklahoma's record-breaking bats come alive, force WCWS Game 315dElizabeth MerrillFlorida State's scrappiness, aggressiveness put Seminoles on brink of WCWS title16dElizabeth Merrill2 Related

The Commodores did not turn to their one-two pitching punch of Jack Leiter and Kumar Rocker. They knew they'd have to get to Friday to see Rocker, the fireball-throwing righty. In somewhat of a surprise, Corbin started Christian Little, a 17-year-old freshman who reclassified in 2020 and arrived on campus in January.

That might be a tough pill to swallow considering the Razer Raptor is already aiming to retail for $800, which is higher than other great 1440p picks like the Dell 27DGF21 or LG GL850. It does put it in direct competition with the Samsung G7 Odyssey, which offers a VA panel instead of IPS but also an increased refresh rate of 240Hz and DisplayHDR 600 support, while the Raptor features only Razer's own HDR 400 certification. It's also $100 more than the current Raptor, with only a slightly higher refresh rate and THX-certification to boast about. But if the Razer Raptor ticks all your boxes, it's available for preorder now ahead of its launch in Q3 later this year.

The pair was linked beyond Georgia State. Both played in the prestigious Cape Cod Baseball League in 1993, when Varitek won the league's batting title and was named the league's MVP, and Garciaparra led Orleans to the league title. They both played in the 2003 MLB All-Star Game while with the Red Sox, and both have been inducted to the Red Sox Hall of Fame.

But as the innings moved forward, Virginia extended its lead, Logan kept getting hits and Jeff's location became the focal point of the stadium. Sinclair and his granddaughter knew what they had to do.

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According to Jakob, Jack was deep in debt and conspired with the younger Toretto to sabotage his car, enabling him to plausibly throw the race. Jack didn't want his eldest son to know, so they hid their plan from Dom. Jakob did what he was told and the results were disastrous, leading to his father's death on the track.Rugs Set

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The game is slated to launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Steam. The game will include a co-op online multiplayer option for parties up to four players. Square Enix stated the game will feature "a range of post launch game modes" for free.

Kawata also writes the Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji comedy manga spinoff of the Fist of the North Star manga. The manga inspired an anime as part of the DD Hokuto no Ken 2 Ichigo Aji+ (DD Fist of the North Star II + Fist of the North Star: Strawberry Flavor) television anime program in 2015. Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired.Cat Ear Hoodie

The stage play will run from October 28 to November 7 at the Meijiza theater. Jun Yoriko is directing the play.

Harusono launched the manga on the pixiv website in 2016. Kadokawa published the manga's seventh volume in November 2020. It has inspired a novel by Kotoko Hachijō. The original manga spawned the Hirano to Kagiura spinoff manga about two side characters that runs in Monthly Comic Gene. That spinoff manga has in turn inspired its own novel.

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Set your alarms! Pre-orders go live in 24 hours! Get the limited edition Platinum Blue-Eyes White Dragon via the pre-order page tomorrow at 8 AM PT. The pre-order page will be live tomorrow so be sure to check back for the link and turn on notifications!#YuGiOhTCG #YuGiOh #BEWD pic.twitter.com/XBKC63QyTC

The July issue of Shueisha's Bessatsu Margaret magazine revealed on Friday that Amu Meguro's Hinata no Blue manga is approaching its climax. The website for the magazine additionally confirmed that the manga will end in its next chapter on July 13.

Nintendo announced during its Nintendo Direct E3 2021 presentation on Tuesday that Bandai Namco Entertainment America will release the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot for the Nintendo Switch in the Americas on September 24. The Switch version will include the "New Power Awakens" DLC.
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Platinum Games has developed such games as Bayonetta, Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, The Wonderful 101, and Nier: Automata.

This is how Hinako learns of the mysterious parallel dimension, The Common: a place created by the unconsciousness of the human collective; where the causes of humans' latent troubles lurk. Alongside Yuzu and Lime, she leaps fearlessly into this unknown world in search of crystallized emotion fragments – the physical manifestation of her classmates' struggles – but encounters a myriad of challenges in her path. Players will explore unique and perilous locations in their attempt to locate these fragments and resolve their classmates' problems in the real world, and will be called upon to battle dangerous demons who stand in their way!

Nintendo announced during its Nintendo Direct E3 2021 presentation on Tuesday the Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp game, which includes remakes of the Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising Game Boy Advance games. The game will launch on December 3.

Crunchyroll began streaming the first episode from IDOLiSH7 Third Beat!, the third IDOLiSH7 anime season, on Monday. The anime is available in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The first episode will be available for free users from June 21.

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While the first two shows' script writer Takehiro Yoshida (Infini-T Force, W'z stage plays) and director Ichidai Matsuda (Magical Suite Prism Nana, Wake Up,Girls! stage plays) are confirmed to return, the main cast members will be changed. 22-year-old Hyuga Nakatani, a member of the nine-member performance unit Enjin, is newly cast as the protagonist Orphen. This is the first time he has played a leading role in a stage play.

The first film will open in Japan on October 8. As in prior films in the remake series, a special edition Blu-ray Disc of the film will be immediately available for purchase at the same time as the theatrical opening date, alongside digital cels, with a separate edition Blu-ray Disc and DVD release slated for November 26.

The franchise's first high-resolution best album will include more than 30 character songs and rearranged anime theme songs carefully selected from its ten-year history, such as the TV anime first season's OP and ED themes "Daydream café" and "Poppin' Jump!," the second season's OP and ED themes "No Poi!" and "Tokimeki Poporon♪," and the third season's OP and ED themes "Tenku Cafeteria" and "Nakayoshi! Maru! Nakayoshi!." The price of the album in Japan is 5,500 yen (49.70 USD).backpack
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So they stayed quiet. They took their secrets with them out of the league and in some cases probably to their deaths. Who knows how many players stayed in the closet throughout NFL history? Dozens? Hundreds? More?Miami Dolphins Swim Cap

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Plummer recently served as an extra in a movie featuring one of his former college teammates at Arizona State, Isaiah Mustafa, which was his first acting gig.

Lindsay was born in Denver and went to high school there before going to the University of Colorado. He signed with the Broncos after going undrafted in 2018, so this offseason’s move to Houston represented a lot more than a change in uniform.Washington Redskins Swim Cap (Football Team)

As bad as the contracts for Jared Goff, Todd Gurley and Brandin Cooks look in hindsight, the Los Angeles Rams have also handed out some great deals to key players. Aaron Donald’s contract has worked out marvelously, and Jalen Ramsey’s deal was worth every penny so far after he earned a first-team All-Pro nod last season.Carolina Panthers Swim Cap

Matt Lombardo is FanSided’s National NFL Insider and writes Between The Hash Marks each Wednesday. Email Matt: Matt.Lombardo@FanSided.com, Follow Matt on Twitter: @MattLombardoNFL

Drafted in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots to be Tom Brady's heir, Garoppolo has been in Lance's shoes and understands how tough the transition can be. He also understands, from years of failing to usurp Brady, what it will take to keep Lance on the sideline.Cleveland Browns Swim Cap

Said it before, I will say it again and I know you’re going to nod your head in agreement and say, “Facts.”
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So perhaps it makes sense the Islanders hurdle is still the Lightning. Over the nine games in the past two seasons, the final score between the two squads has been 2-1 five times. That’s stingy defense from both the Bolts and Islanders.SWIM CAP

Plager, 78, was alone in his SUV when the crash happened on Interstate 64 near downtown St. Louis.

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The Canadiens canceled Ducharme’s pregame news conference Friday. The club says it will provide another update before Game 3 of the NHL semifinal against the Vegas Golden Knights on Friday night at the Bell Centre.

Both have combined for 13 NHL regular-season games. Both have all kinds of potential. It's insanely too early to debate this.NHL

The Vegas Golden Knights were less than two minutes away from victory in Game 3 on Friday night -- and then goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury tried playing the puck behind his net.NBA

Any overtime defeat is deflating, but when you continue to slow such an offensive force there’s no reason to lose confidence. As the Canadiens go back to Las Vegas for Game 5 Tuesday night (9 p.m. ET; NBCSN / Peacock) they know it’s now best-of-three series.MLB

If the Oilers can't work out a deal with the centerpiece from the Taylor Hall trade, other teams would be smart to pounce on the 6-foot-3 Swede. He's a classic defensive defenseman who plays a tough game, both suppresses and blocks shots, and gives quality minutes on the penalty kill. Ideally, given the state of Edmonton's back end -- it doesn't have anything resembling Larsson on the right side if he leaves -- the Oilers would want him back, even after a brief playoff performance that was notable for his gaffes. Larsson has now played over 600 games, mostly with the Oilers in their top four. Finding the right term is going to be tricky, as the NHL has seen its share of defensive D-men hit a sharp decline past 30 years old.

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